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Pasadena Preschool Academy


(626) 794 - 4614

2611 Woodlyn Road, Pasadena, CA 91107

Ages 6 wks - 6 yrs

This Month
Happy 6th Birthday
PPA : Appreciation
Spring is almost here! It is hard to
believe! First up, we learn about Life
Scholastic Book
On A Farm, taking a closer look at the
Order Due
animal life and products that come
Wear Green for
from a farm! Then, we will focus on
St. Patrick’s Day
Ireland, wear green and celebrate St.
Patrick’s Day. Be sure to send your child
in their best green gear on Monday 3/17!
Next up, we say Good-Bye Winter, Hello
Spring, as we learn about the changes
Thank-you to everyone for all of the
Spring will bring! Lastly, try out our
wonderful Valentine’s Day Treats! It
March Birthdays
green thumbs with a week learning all
was a fun filled day, with Music Time
about Seeds, Flowers and Plants. We
with Mr. Max, lots of Valentine cards
3/6 - Ava
have so many fun and exciting things
and treats for our Goodie Bags and
planned this month!
scrumptious desserts!
3/9 - Isla
3/10 - Rochelle
Happy Birthday PPA
3/10 - Simonne
It is hard to believe, but Pasadena Preschool Academy is 6 years old! We
are very appreciative of all of our wonderful families that have been a
3/19 - Nathaniel
part of our Journey. As a little thank you, please join us Monday, March
3rd (in the morning when you drop off) for some yummy breakfast
3/20 - Kainoa
treats, coffee and orange juice. We will have treats set up in the Infant
Kitchen, in the Preschool Teacher Lounge (near train) and in the
3/21 - Reece
Main Building Staff Lounge (by the office).
3/21 - Vivian
Summer Performance/Graduation
3/24 - Haylee
Save the date!!! Our Summer Performance & Graduation Ceremony will be
at Monrovia High School on Wednesday, June 10th—time tbd. More
3/25 - Javier
details to come, and we will be sending out forms for families to confirm if
their child(ren) are participating. Our dance and music teachers are busy
3/26 - Ari
planning our routines for our children, so please let us know ASAP if your
3/31 - Ellington
child cannot participate.