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Why Children at Montessori Schools Are Better Educated

Posted on Thursday February 4 2016

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Where you send your children to school matters greatly. Starting them on the right path from the moment they take the first steps of their education journey is critical as well. Attending a Montessori preschool in San Marino might be a great choice for your child. In fact, Montessori schools seem to offer a better education than other types of schools. The education professionals at Academy on the Hills would like to explain why students of Montessori schools end up with a better education.

What Is a Montessori School?

A Montessori school focuses on personal development rather than competitive exams. Using the Montessori Method, grades and tests take a back seat to individual progress and development. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and pioneer of early childhood education. Her theories are still used in Montessori schools around the world. There are about 5,000 Montessori schools in the United States today.

Educational Research Findings

Educational researchers have found that graduates of Montessori schools tend to be more creative and mature, and have better social skills than other children. Montessori schools have shown to have significant influence on the positive social behaviors in their students, much like those learned from the home environment.

Montessori Students Stand Apart from the Rest

Children at Montessori schools tend to have a better sense of community. These children interact far better with their classmates and better understand the concepts of fairness and justice. This can be observed while Montessori students interact with positive behaviors during break times. Montessori schools place children of different ages together in the same classes, and children are encouraged to help each other and work together. The focus is on keeping children interested and teaching life skills.

Starting your child out right at a Montessori preschool is the best way to ensure that he or she receives the best education you can provide them. The future will be very challenging; a Montessori school is a great way to prepare your child.

An In-Depth Look at the Positive Aspects of the Montessori Method

Posted on Friday December 19 2014

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Most parents who have started looking for preschools have heard the term "Montessori." Unfortunately, most people don't know what that means and, when they try to find out, are given a lot of bad information. The truth is, Montessori is an educational method that was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in Italy during the 1800s. This amazing woman spent most of her life teaching indigent children and, through her charity, made some amazing discoveries about what children are capable of.

The Montessori Curriculum

While there are hundreds of things that make Montessori different from traditional education, the curriculum is perhaps the best place to start. A Pasadena Montessori school teaches skills in three different areas: practical life, sensorial, and academic. Through her research, Dr. Montessori discovered that these three areas led to a well-rounded child who could excel in any aspect of his or her life. Each of these areas is taught through "works" which are hands-on applications of one or several important concepts.

Practical Life Works

Practical life is the first area to which children are introduced. These exercises have two main objectives: developing motor skills and increasing concentration. Examples of works in this area include polishing silver, cutting up vegetables, serving snacks to classmates, and using the dressing frames. These works play off of a child's desire to imitate adults and increase independence. Besides helping children develop the coordination to do things like button a shirt or tie shoes, these tasks help them develop a greater ability to concentrate and to follow increasingly complicated instructions. Many of these works also teach children sequencing. In a Montessori classroom, children develop all of these skills without nagging, threats, boredom, or embarrassment.

The Sensorial Works

The sensorial works are a unique part of the Montessori curriculum which focus on developing and refining the senses. Each of these works is designed to focus on one of the five senses. For example, if a child is working with the Baric Tablets, he or she is working on touch. In this exercise, the child is given three sets of small wooden blocks. The blocks are identical except for two things: color and weight. Blindfolded, the child will use his or her hands to weigh the blocks and will sort them into piles: heavy, medium, and light. All that is required in order to check accuracy is for the child to remove the blindfold and discern whether the colors of the blocks in each pile are the same.

The Academic Works

Finally, we come to the academic works. Largely hailed as the most important part of any education, Montessori takes reading, writing, and arithmetic to a whole new level. One of the most impressive works is called the Thousand Chain. In this exercise, children get to see what the 1000 cube would look like laid out. In order to do this, 100 ten bars are laid end to end, and the child must mark each set of ten with a small paper. So, the child has papers reading 10, 20...990, 1,000 that he or she must place in the proper place along the 27-foot-long 1000 chain. Not only does this reinforce the skill of counting by 10, it also teaches children the immensity of the number 1,000.

Taking Care of Your Toddler Care

Posted on Tuesday October 14 2014

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For anyone who has a toddler or two, you are doubtless exhausted. Toddlers are amazing little people who are packed with more energy than adults can handle. Keeping up with them is what causes gray hairs and the increase in their parents' aches and pains. Despite what science says, aging begins when children arrive. Even though they run you into the ground, we know your toddlers are precious.

A Safe Haven

If your life sometimes calls you away from caring for your sweet little ones, having a safe place to take them is of the utmost importance. When it comes to choosing a care center for your toddlers, make sure you do your homework. Far too often, daycare centers are more like rest stops, offering a barrage of dirty toys and mats on which to place sleepy or defiant children. You and your children deserve more.

Taking Care of Care Taking

When you are searching for the right kind of toddler care, make sure the facility you are considering is clean, safe, and that there is a small child-to-teacher ratio. Toddlers require a lot of care, so there should be a lot of adults present to handle those needs.

Taking care of your toddler care is a job that should be taken very seriously. Consider, for a moment, everything you do for your child in a day. You feed, change, play with, discipline, cuddle, and do a great many other things with him or her. You should be confident that the people you leave your child with will do the very same things.

We believe that, while we can never take the place of mom and dad, we can and should become like second family to your children. If you are looking for someone who can cover all the bases required in taking care of toddlers, consider giving us a visit.

Preschool: The Most Important Decision You Can Make

Posted on Monday September 29 2014

It's no secret that American education is not good. Our public schools are failing and our children are nowhere near as prepared for the real world as those hailing from other countries. Could one of the reasons be that, as a nation, we ignore the most important time in a child's development? Every childhood development expert on earth will tell you that the early childhood years are the most formative. During this time, we can choose to instill in our children a love of junk food and TV or a love of learning. If you would prefer to instill the latter over the former, we believe that preschool may be the most important decision you ever make for your child.

The Magic of Children

The key to making sure preschool is a great experience for your child is finding a program that capitalizes on the traits of this age group: curiosity, excitement, adaptability, and retention. Together, these traits enable children to think outside the box, be mesmerized by new concepts, ask endless questions, and remember concepts in a way that adults only dream about.

If you have young children at home and wonder what their gifts and talents are, you don't have to wait to find out. Enroll them in a preschool that caters to them, and you will be amazed at what your children can already accomplish!

Infant Care's Advantages for Tired Parents

Posted on Wednesday September 23 2014

It isn't uncommon for parents of an infant to feel overwhelmed. If you already have children, an infant adds a lot to an already full plate. If you have recently had a baby and find yourself on edge, too tired to function, or falling down on other responsibilities, it may be worthwhile to consider infant care.

Ask for Help

We know that parents are often reluctant to leave their tiniest treasures in the care of someone else, which is why we do everything we can to make our infant care facilities as safe and secure as your home. If you feel like having a few hours a week to run errands, work out, or spend time with some of your other children would increase your happiness and decrease your stress, infant care can help.

Sleep Is Necessary

Despite how much you love your children, a new one can completely throw off your life balance, and regaining that balance is the key to maintaining sanity and happiness in the home. The first thing new parents need is a chance to sleep. Sleep makes all the difference in the world. It helps you deal with the challenges of parenting, helps prevent the baby blues, and makes it possible to continue to enjoy life. If you are having trouble finding time to sleep, utilizing a reputable infant care facility can give you a few hours a day to rest, which will make you a much better parent to your sweet baby.

Parents Have Needs Too

In general, there are three other things that will help you weather the storm of infancy: eating right, exercising, and getting out with your partner. If you feel like you don't have time to take care of these needs, infant care can help. A few hours a week could allow you to put together some nutritious crock-pot meals, spend some time at the gym, or go on a romantic date with your rarely seen significant other.

How to Find the Perfect Preschool

Posted on Wednesday September 17 2014

Despite the fact that the United States puts its emphasis on education at the high school and college levels, no time is more critical for development than the early childhood years. If the education system in the United States was evidence based, the emphasis would be on preschool education.

If you are considering preschool for your children, go ahead and decide on it, because it is the best thing you will ever do for their education. However, just like most really important things, choosing the right preschool takes a lot of thought, research, and preparation.

Know Your Children

The first step in finding the right preschool is getting to know your children. Take time out to play with them and watch how they play. Do they prefer sitting for a prolonged period of time to work on one task, or do they get bored easily and want to move on to the next thing? A few hours of careful observation will give you a lot of insight into the needs of your children which will help you find the perfect preschool.

Another thing to consider is how your children interact with other children. Do they seem to thrive in a lot of excitement and chaos, or do they seem to prefer quietness and order? This observation will help you determine whether a preschool's layout is appropriate for your child's needs. Some preschools offer one large play area where a bunch of kids can play with a bunch of different toys. If your children prefer order, this is probably not the ideal situation for them.

Know the School

Finally, do some research about the different types of schools that are out there and see which ones seem like a good fit. After you have an idea about what kind of preschool you want for your children, be sure to set up a tour and interview with the headmaster or mistress as well as the teachers who will be working with your child.

With careful consideration and attention to detail, we know you will find a preschool that both you and your child will love.

5 Common Misconceptions about Infant Care

Posted on Wednesday September 10 2014

Bringing a new baby home is an exciting time in the life of any family, but it can also be stressful and confusing, especially for first-time parents. Drawing from our vast experience in this area, we put together a list of several common misconceptions new parents have about infant care. We hope this will be a handy resource for you and your spouse during your baby's first year of life.

1. Sleep Schedule

Some parents try to influence their babies' erratic sleep patterns by putting them on a sleep schedule. The reality, you are the one who'll have to adjust to your infant's schedule, not the other way around. It will take some time for your baby's circadian rhythm to develop. This can take several weeks, even months, so have patience and try to get some rest anytime your baby is napping.

2. Reasons for Crying

Parents often mistakenly think that hunger is a baby's only reason for crying. There are actually a variety of causes, including physical pain, discomfort, and moisture. After some time you will start recognizing your infant's different needs and learn to respond to them. If the baby has been recently fed, has a clean diaper, and shows no other obvious signs of discomfort, but the crying still persists, you should call your pediatrician.

3. Baby Talk

Speaking baby talk to your infant is another common mistake you should avoid. Infant years are an important time for learning proper communication skills. Changing your tone of voice or using made-up words will only confuse your child during this critical learning period.

4. Oral Hygiene

Parents don't often realize the importance of good oral hygiene early in the baby's life. Even before the first teeth appear, you can gently wipe your baby's gums with soft wet washcloth or gauze. Repeat this process after feedings and before bedtime. Once your infant's first teeth emerge, buy a toothbrush with a small head and extra soft bristles. Use a tiny amount of fluoride toothpaste, about the size of a rice grain, and gently brush your infant's teeth twice a day to avoid any future dental problems.

5. Visiting Crowded Places

If you don't have anyone to leave your infant with, you might be tempted to take him or her to various crowded places with you, such as grocery stores, restaurants, or similar places. Remember that an infant's immune system is not as strong as that of an adult. If you have to go grocery shopping with your baby, pick a time when the store is generally empty to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Finding The Right Preschool

Posted on Monday June 16 2014

academay blog

Most parents care a great deal about what college their children will attend and what career path they will choose. Parents want their children to be well educated, successful, and happy. Have you considered that college and a career both have roots much earlier in life? Most people would agree that high school is important to get into college and to acquire necessary social and learning skills. Have you ever considered the effect preschool can have? We believe a good education and a successful life begin early in a child's life as he or she builds the foundation of what will come later. Preschool can have a positive or negative effect on your child's education, so picking a good one is vital. Let's look at some important points to consider when choosing the right preschool.

A Learning Environment

Some preschool programs are just glorified daycare. You don't want to start off your child's future with a crazy free-for-all everyday! Look for a preschool that fosters a learning environment. It's never too early for a child to start learning numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. They can even explore the world of science, history, math, art, and music. For young children, repetition and exposure are key to learning. The more exposure and repetition they have, the better they will learn. Why not start early so the learning sinks in that much better?

A Quality Teacher

We believe the teacher is just as important as the content. Find a teacher that will love and teach your child with patience and respect. You can look for teachers with valuable education and experience under their belt. Don't settle for just anyone. A Structured Day

Another important aspect of a good preschool is having structure. This doesn't mean a child needs to sit in a desk all day. It does mean having a schedule that the child can rely on. This will help them get used to the idea and make transitioning to kindergarten and first grade easier.

Choosing a Toddler Care Program You Can Trust

Posted on Monday June 09 2014

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Although parents often feel guilty about putting their children in daycare, choosing the right preschool program for your toddler can actually help improve many areas of their early development. When looking for toddler care that you can trust, it is important to choose a program that provides a safe and comfortable learning environment for your child. At Pasadena Preschool Academy, we are committed to providing your child with a safe learning environment that allows them to develop in the following areas.

Intellectual Development

As a parent, you understand that children are constantly learning and exploring. Through many years of childcare and teaching experience, we've found that the most effective programs help your child learn through hands-on activities, crafts, games, art, music, reading, and play. The best preschool programs implement these activities to stimulate the intellectual development of your child through each aspect of their day.

Emotional Development

Although parental separation can be difficult for many young children, it can also create an opportunity for emotional development. We understand that offering caring and consistent personal interaction is essential to the emotional development of your child. Providing small classes with a 4:1 teacher to child ratio allows our experienced and caring staff to focus on the individual needs of your child.

Social Development

Choosing the right toddler care program can also help develop your child's social skills. As children grow, appropriate social interaction with other children and adults becomes increasingly important. In our unique program, toddlers learn to share with other children, to clean up after themselves, daily self-care skills, empathy, etiquette, and proper manners in a fun and engaging environment.

Physical Development

Children learn best through hands-on activity and play. Toddlers especially need age appropriate toys and activities to help stimulate the development of fine motor skills. Along with a variety of fun toys and projects, we also provide a separate toddler play-yard to encourage the safe development of your child's fine and gross motor skills.

Ways Preschool Benefits Your Child

Posted on Monday June 02 2014

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Attending preschool can be an exciting time for your child. There are many advantages to attending school at this early age, even when others may not agree.

Your child will have the chance to interact and play with others on the same level. This will help them to use skills and gain new ones along the way. They will also have the chance to learn the basics before heading off to kindergarten. Knowing the basic fundamentals will give your child a push and a chance to enjoy schooling later on.

As a preschool, we offer your child the chance to learn in a structured setting that will be a great building block for the academic year and at home. Your child will have the chance to show you what they learn at school and this will allow them to develop their talents and new found skills at home. You could have your child stay at home for another year, but we can ensure you that once you see and hear what they have learned in a school setting, you will be overjoyed at your decision to choose preschool.

Preschool can be very beneficial for your little one, especially if they are ready to be taught. Pick the best one in your area and we guarantee that your child will flourish and grow.