Montessori Educational Preschool | Pasadena, CA

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preschool in San Marino

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montessori Pasadena

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montessori Pasadena

preschool in Altadena

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Pasadena Preschool Academy


(626) 794 - 4614

2611 Woodlyn Road, Pasadena, CA 91107

Ages 6 wks - 6 yrs

Pasadena Preschool Academy
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  • preschool Altadena
  • preschool in Altadena


Research confirms that the human brain is most active during the first 3 years of ones life. Positive stimulation and experiences in the early years of a child enhances brain development.

Our Teachers impact children and their long term future by helping them to have a positive attitude towards School and instilling in them the value of education.

Our committed staff is comprised of highly qualified, state licensed educators experienced in early childhood education, providing a warm, nurturing and individualized attention to each student's special needs to encourage and support their love of learning.

Our dedicated and experienced teachers who are enthusiastic, and who genuinely care about children, have a deep understanding of child development, and value working as a team with children and their families to ensure the perfect balance between home and school to maximize emotional growth and brain development. In our care they will receive the individual attention and guidance to stay motivated to reach their goals.

We recognize that each child is unique and have positive expectations about their abilities. We firmly believe that

All our Teachers have been screened and approved by The Dept. of Justice, FBI & Child Abuse Registry.
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